Photoshoot at Greensboro C C

Greensboro Country Club has two courses, one in Irving Park, designed by Donald Ross in 1909, and the other is The Farm Club.   I was hired to photograph the Irving Park golf course for the book commemorating their 100 year celebration.  The Farm club is under total renovation and will be ready in October.  I hope they hire me to shoot it.

The weather was glorious the day I arrived, sunny and warm.  I was given a cart and was scouting the course an hour after I arrived.  The golf course is not very long by todays standard, but has plenty of elevation changes and slick greens. The Bermuda rough is not quite there yet with many brown patches, but the fairways and greens are in great shape.  It was a choice between having lots of azaleas and dogwoods to accent the golf course and shooting it now or wait for the Bermuda rough to grow in but loose the azaleas and dogwoods.

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with the look of the golf course due to the fact that it winds through neighborhoods.  I am used to golf courses that has no homes and I can photograph from any angle.  However, this neighborhood has been around for more than 100 years, and the homes are mansions and very well cared for, it did not matter if they are in the shot. My disappointment quickly evaporated.

The director of golf, Mr. Jim Deaton was a perfect southern gentleman.  He gave me a very warm welcome and a rundown of the golf holes. In case some of you remember, Sergio Garcia was very verbal with him at a PGA Championship where Jim was a rules official.  There was a signed photo on Jim’s wall from Sergio, with the inscription, “To my Best Friend”.

I drove around for 3.5 days ( 2 were gray and rainy) and due to the rain and  time schedule, decided to capture as many shots as I can in the middle of the day and hopefully catch more images at sunrise and sunset if things go well.  The sun was helpful for one morning and a couple of evenings where I took advantage of the low warm light.

The most amazing thing to me at this photoshoot are the azaleas and the dogwoods.  There were pinks, purples, brilliant reds and white azaleas, so vivid that my camera has a dificult time rendering the correct colors on my computer.The dogwoods are smallish trees but they “decorate” the fairways and backs of greens.

The course is definitely a Donald Ross course and it reminds me of The Minikahda Club in Minneapolis.  Wish I had time to play it, but with over 650 golfing members, it would be difficult to make a tee time.  Next trip!

To see photos of the Greensboro Country Club, please visit   and click on the Greensboro CC album.

Next assignment/travel:  Sandhills Golf Club in Nebraska.  June 6th through 9th.


One Response to “Photoshoot at Greensboro C C”

  1. Charles Leck Says:

    Peter, I’ve been coming to your blog for a few weeks now, after discovering it, and I enjoy it very much. I also enjoy going over to look at your photography site. You’ve become an extraordinary landscape photographer. I live immediately west of Windsong Farm National Golf Club. Your photograph hanging in their entry way is one of my favorites. I’m a friend of Cynthia Erickson’s.

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